TK Platinum P2 Late Bow Composite Hockey Stick

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Setting NEW standards in technology advancement, TKs state of the art Platinum sticks are built with a high Carbon Nano tube configuration, and Zero Glass fiber Rock Kevlar toe reinforcement. The new highlight of the two upper level Platinum Sticks is the foam filled core, a first in Hockey. Another impressive aspect of these sticks, is the use of DynanoTex Spread Roving technology. This is not only a dream, the technology is visible on the side of the stick, a chequer board look. This is the DynanoTex Technology.

Product Features

Dynanotex construction intricately places carbon fibres to maximise their strength Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube structures enhance composite structure, rigidity and durability Integrated Dampening System dissipates impact energy before it reaches the handle Compact Compression Moulding works to remove micro bubbles from the composite matrix and maximise stick strength Carbide Diffusion Technology creates an incredibly durable and abrasion resistant stick head 80% Carbon - 20% Aramid Late Bow - 25mm Low Bow Mould enhances dribbling, ball control and 3D skills