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Grays Hockey Sticks

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Showing 20 Products

Grays Hockey Sticks

All Rounder Hockey is proud to bring you this brilliant collection of Grays hockey sticks for the new season. Experience dating back hundreds of years combines with with cutting edge hockey stick technology, to bring hockey sticks with a serious reputation in the hockey industry. Grays sticks available in both adult and junior sizes.

You can choose from a wide selection of blade profile for your perfect hockey stick, including Probow, Jumbow, Dynabow, Midbow and Ultrabow. Grays Kinetic hockey sticks include the new signature Grays Kinetic 12000, representing a revolution in Grays stick design. This will help you deliver unbelievable agility without sacrificing on that vital power on the ball.

Grays GR hockey sticks, headlined by the Grays GR 11000, provide you with unrivalled power and performance, while the Grays GX range offers outstanding durability and playability, and a superb balance between power and control.

Grays indoor hockey sticks and wooden hockey sticks complete the range.

The following Grays hockey stick profiles we offer are as follows:

The Grays Kinetic Range features the new Geocentric Core internal foam construction combined with Grays' twin tube carbon fiber matrix. This creates incredible feel and impact response and enhances performance and abrasion resistance.

The Grays GR Range features Graphene Enhanced Technology that maximizes performance and durability of these composite sticks. Graphene is a form of carbon that is extremely thin yet extremely strong, ideal for creating cutting edge sticks with improved energy transfer feel and control.

Grays have worked with the world's top penalty corner specialists to bring you their new ProBow blade profile. Generate great drag flick momentum while still being able to pass and dribble with ease.

If you want to improve your drag flicking and penalty corner skill then a Grays Jumbow could be the perfect answer. These sticks are developed with Top Players and remain FIH rule compliant and maintain the power and feel you expect from all Grays Hockey Sticks.

The Grays Dynabow Range features a bow between the Mid-bow and Jumbow blade profiles. This creates a stick that combines drag flick capabilities and high level technical skills with all of the power, control and durability you expect from a Grays Hockey Stick.

Find Stability, Strength and Speed in the Grays Mid-Bow Range. With Powergroove central spines and micro head shapes across the range, these sticks have been improved and updated to help you be your very best.

Grays continue to develop their most popular sticks to meet the latest demands from players. That means a choice of head shapes, improved handle and shock absorption technologies and a recognition of the growing trend for lighter stick weights. Performance, Playability and Durability are key words for Grays and the GX Composite Range is bound to feature a stick for you.

Grays have always been known for their high quality and durable equipment and this new range is no different.
The Grays Hockey Stick Range unique features are:

- Durable – high carbon percentage makes breaking as stick very difficult
- Assist ball control – Improved Feel Area (IFA) on the head to help keep the ball glued to the stick
- Carbon Edge Proctection – Reinforcement on the reverse edge means you can unleash a tomahawk with confidence.

Grays Hockey are one of the stalwarts of the hockey world and are renowned worldwide for their high quality products, especially the Grays hockey stick category. Endorsed by a plethora of international athletes, Grays Hockey is certainly a brand to trust.