TK Synergy S2 Late Bow Composite Hockey Stick

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TKs Synergy Sticks deliver high level performance, for high level players. Delivering unparalleled performance every time, TKs Synergy sticks continue to lead the market in technology advancement. The performance reputation of TKs Synergy models remains unrivalled.

Product Features

Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube structures enhance composite structure, rigidity and durability Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement expertly bonds carbon for a hyper stiff construction Integrated Dampening System dissipates impact energy before it reaches the handle Sheepfoot Compression Moulding creates a compact and strong stick by removing micro air bubbles from the composite matrix Carbide Diffusion Technology creates an incredibly durable and abrasion resistant stick head 70% Carbon - 10% Aramid - 20% Fibreglass Late Bow - 25mm Low Bow Mould enhances dribbling, ball control and 3D skills