2021/22 Grays GR 4000 Dynabow Hockey Stick

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Sticks in the Grays GR range offer exceptional feel, power and playability. Graphene is exceptionally strong and light, and has been precisely combined with the highly successful GX composition to forge the GR technology. By combining graphene into the composite matrix, players will have all the durability and playability of GX technology, with extra power and feel from graphene.

Product Features

  • Ideal for controlling the ball and executing short passes
  • Graphene offers unique combination of powerful energy transfer and shock absorbing properties
  • Dynabow blade profile is ideal for stick handling ^Combined with Micro head for improved 3D skill execution
  • HEADSHAPE: Micro
  • HEEL PROTECTION: CHP Carbon Heel Protection
  • PLAYING FACE: TFA True Feel Area
  • BACKHAND ZONE: CEP Carbon Edge Protection
  • HANDLE: TFH True Feel Handle
  • Bow height: 24.75mm
  • Bow location: 250mm

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