Oregon Hockey Sticks

Oregon Hockey Sticks

Passionate for hockey from an early age, the partners had the brilliant idea of becoming young entrepreneurs and thus to associate that passion with their professional life. Thanks to their diverse skills, Oregon Hockey has become reality and promises a bright future. Their ambitions are big and they are seeking for success.


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Oregon Hockey is a Belgian company founded in 2015. Setting priority on the research of premium quality, the brand also focuses on the organic matter and strives to organic materials. Oregon Hockey – a hockey brand leading the way in stick innovation and high quality clothing and luggage finished in clean design

Its name was not chosen by chance. Indeed, it is the name of a state in the USA ,which is populated by green and pristine tracts. And, it relates to the roots of the native American Indians, who tend to search for an equilibrium between nature and man. 

Oregon Hockey decided for a composition blending carbon, kevlar and – to soften the stick – linen.

The company Oregon has chosen to distinguish from its competitors by adding a natural and innovative component to its sticks. Linen was selected, because it was one of the main sources of income in the state of Oregon in 1840. In fact, the state of Oregon was one of the largest producers of linen thanks to its several fields of application in industry, and so, the idea came up to include this historic material to the development of the sticks.

The Oregon Sticks include the Wolf, Bear, Puma, Owl and Duck - these sticks come in various compositions and blade profiles. The luggage and clothing are made with the highest care and detail to produce fantastic products.

Oregon Hockey currently is not stocked in the UK, and All Rounder are very excited to see what the future holds for this young and innovative brand.