TK Platinum P2 Eco Hybrid Late Bow Composite Hockey Stick

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State of the art weaving methods combine cork from Sicily and Dynanotex carbon fibre. Dynanotex construction intricately places carbon fibres to maximise their strength The innovative hybrid construction creates a strong and durable, eco friendly stick. Low Bow Mould enhances dribbling, ball control and 3D skills

Product Features

SHAPE: Late Bow
TECHNOLOGY: Dynanotex, Nano Technology, IDS, CCM, CDT
MATERIAL: 80 percent Carbon, 20 percent Aramid


Evenly balanced with a 25mm bow, the apex of which is moved towards the head to create greater drag force and sharper angles in the lower section of the stick. This shape principally aids dynamic ball control and multi-directional dribbling as well as drag flicking and aerial passing, but still performs basic ball movement skills well.

TK have taken Dynanotex 24k Carbon Fibre and woven in high grade cork to produce a Dynanotex-Cork Composite Hybrid to offer the perfect blend of materials. The cork offers the player unrivalled touch and feel when on the ball, whilst the Dynanotex 24k Carbon Fibre provides superior power when striking the ball.

A process where nearly 100 percent fibre strength is yielded to help you get the most from the sticks performance.

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