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Handy Hockey Guides

For more information on all things Hockey then read our handy guides:

Read our in-depth Field Hockey Sticks guide here.

At All Rounder Hockey we have put together a comprehensive guide about field hockey sticks. In this guide we cover seven key elements when selecting a stick which include:

Specifications – An introduction to how a hockey stick is constructed and specialist terminology.

Materials – Here we cover how a stick is constructed from its individual elements.

Length – Hockey sticks can come in varying lengths, this is where we cover the basics.

Weight  - Choosing the right weight is crucial, so keep reading.

Head Shape – Different brands produce sticks with different size heads.

Bow – All about the different bow types and technical restrictions.

Price – One of the most important factors when choosing a stick!

If you are new to playing hockey or just getting started again then view our collection of videos to get you back into playing here.

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